Roland Introduces OCTAPAD SPD-20 PRO Digital Percussion Pad

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Legendary Percussion Pad Gets a Next-Generation Upgrade for Modern Performances with Enhanced Playability, New Sounds, and Updated User Interface MUMBAI, India, Nov. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Roland introduces the OCTAPAD SPD-20 PRO Digital Percussion Pad, a next-generation version of the original SPD-20, its legacy spanning over 20 years with a massive global impact, especially in India. The new SPD-20 PRO touts the original SPD-20 sound set and famous eight-pad layout with the latest Roland percussion technologies, adding a broader selection of sounds, new user-requested features, and increased playability to take performances to the next level while fully retaining the core appeal of the classic SPD-20.

Indian musicians have long embraced the 'OCTAPAD' as their primary percussion instrument with its sounds often highlighting that of Bollywood, folk, devotional and many other live music genres across the country. There are many new sounds and kits inspired by Indian culture, with instruments such as dholak, mridangam, kanjira, halgi, tasha, and more offering natural tones with authentic feel and dynamic response to the thousands of Octapadists across India who have adopted the instrument.

The OCTAPAD SPD-20 PRO is outfitted with eight cushioned rubber pads to provide even and accurate triggering, an improved dynamic response and excellent isolation between pads. It delivers everything players need to meet today's diverse and ever-changing live performance and studio production demands while covering percussion in all music genres and settings.

Built with customization in mind, the SPD-20 PRO comes with 200 kit locations including 100 filled with great-sounding presets that are ready to play, over 900 instruments and authentic, premium sounds to cover Asian, African, Latin and many other world music styles. Western drum kit sounds are also available, including high-end acoustic drums and cymbals developed for the Roland TD-27 V-Drums. Players can easily mix and match drum kits, like combining the dhol-tasha and Western drum kits, to create a powerful hybrid kit and Indian fusion tracks. EQ, compression, and three onboard effects engines—each with 38 multi-effects types—can be applied to a single instrument, further broadening the sonic possibilities.

An added value of OCTAPAD SPD-20 PRO for production and performances is that it's adjustable and flexible to meet the needs of drummers. The pad includes four external, dual-trigger inputs and a dedicated hi-hat control input to allow connection of additional pads and pedals. This allows players to build an expanded percussion setup with a variety of optional Roland trigger pads, including mesh-head V-Pads, V-Cymbals and the BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad. By connecting a Roland kick pad and hi-hat control pedal, players can transform the SPD-20 PRO into a high-quality drum kit.

Backlit LCD and direct-access buttons allow real-time editing of instruments as players perform, with layering up to four sounds on any one pad to create new tones and textures. Possibilities don't end there, as players can chain different kits to match set lists and transitions. A USB memory port allows players to back up settings and kit data if needed.

Roland instruments are renowned for their durability and longevity, and the SPD-20 PRO does not disappoint. Designed in Japan, the briefcase-sized OCTAPAD SPD-20 PRO gives players the sounds they need in one reliable, ready-to-perform percussion pad.

Availability & Pricing The OCTAPAD SPD-20 PRO is available now in India for INR 49,000 through authorized Roland dealers.

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