Rohit Tiwari was killed by wife over his drinking habits: Delhi Police

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Rohit Tiwari was killed by wife over his drinking habits: Delhi Police

According to the crime branch officials, Rohit Tiwari's wife Apoorva was arrested as the main suspect basis forensic reports.

Mystery around the murder of Rohit Shekhar Tiwari, son of former Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand chief minister ND Tiwari, began unraveling after the Delhi Crime Branch arrested his wife Apoorva Tiwari for the crime on Wednesday.

Apoorva was arrested as the main suspect basis forensic reports, according to the crime branch officials. According to police, the reason behind the murder is suspected to be a sudden provocation.

Reportedly, a brief quarrel between Rohit and Apoorva over former's alcohol consumption led to Apoorva killing Rohit in a fit of rage.

"As there is a network problem in Defence Colony (where the couple resides), Apoorva made a WhatsApp call to Rohit in the afternoon. She learned that Rohit and a woman relative, sitting on the rear seat, were using the same glass to consume liquor. Ujjwalla, Rohit's mother, was sitting on the front seat. This made Apoorva angry," said Rajiv Ranjan, Additional CP (crime) Delhi.

"Rohit, along with his mother and the woman relative reached their Defence Colony home late on April 15. They ate dinner around 11 and went to their respective rooms," Ranjan added.

"Apoorva, who was at home, became angry that Rohit had consumed alcohol with the woman relative. Rohit went to his bedroom around 11, which was recorded by a CCTV camera installed in the two-storeyed house. Apoorva was also seen going to first-floor bedroom at 12.45 am," he said.

"Apoorva's bedroom is adjacent to Rohit's bedroom on the first floor. She went to his room, where both of them had a brief quarrel. In a fit of rage, she pushed Rohit on the bed and smothered with a pillow. She simultaneously choked him with another hand. Since Rohit was heavily drunk, he was unable to defend himself," the additional CP said.

"Apoorva has not given any satisfactory answers during the interrogation. Hence, she was a prime suspect but we wanted to wait for the FSL and scientific reports. These reports suggest that the skin cells found on Rohit's neck are of Apoorva's. We corroborated the case and arrested her on Wednesday morning," he added.

Apoorva choked Rohit for three to four minutes, to make sure he was dead. She then rearranged Rohit's room, wiped all evidence and went back to her room silently, the official said.

"Apoorva initially, mislead the cops by saying that she was in an intimate position with her husband when her hand may have touched his neck. However, the postmortem report said that Rohit died of strangulation. The marks on Rohit's neck also show that he was strangulated," Ranjan said. Apoorva confessed to her crime during the interrogation. She will be produced in court and taken into police remand. Further investigation is in progress," the official said.