Rohan Joshi’s ‘Wake N Bake’ Spoke to the (Almost) 30-Yr Old Me

Growing old is beautiful.

This is something you remind yourself over and over again. It is true in fact, that there are other thoughts that cloud your head. For example, you don’t feel like an adult, but you are forced to be. You conveniently oscillate between feeling like a child to being an adult. But in his new stand up, Wake and Bake, Rohan Joshi makes some points which make you scream ‘hard relate’.

Wake N Bake revolves around how someone in their thirties responds to topics like marriage, road trips, partying and giving their opinions on various topics.

The Sad Truth You Are Faced With Every time You Are Surrounded With Children

I feel you...

Sure, Partying was Fun...But Not Anymore

I am not a party person anymore.

Remember Those “25 Things to do Before You Turn 25” Articles

The only people who want to go for road trips are the ones who have just got their license. 

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Marry Now Literally Sounds like “Offer Valid Till Stocks Last”

Beta, shaadi karlo...

This Is Not Meant for People Who Say, “I Am Going for a Marriage Function.”

Wedding VS Marriage

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Let Me Explain This Again, “I Don’t Want to Get Married Means, I Don’t Want to Get Married.”

This is not a discussion. 

Marriage Is Not a Cure for Loneliness... a problem. 

What if the State Gave You Money for Having a Child?

Having a child is an expensive affair. 

Sorry, Mumma...

Really, really sorry...



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