The Rock next fight: WWE fans pick Dwayne Johnson's dream opponent; the result will shock you

Sayantan Maitra
Dwayne Johnson


The WWE fans have made their voices heard as they responded to one of the WWE polls which had the question: If The Rock were to have one more match, which current superstar would you like to see him face? So far, the poll is still open, but the one leading the polls will come as a shocker to all.

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The Rock Dwayne Johnson, undoubtedly a WWE legend, who will soon be seen in the movie 'The Fate of the Furious', scheduled for the big release next month, has not set any deadline however as to when he would be retiring from the WWE.

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Over the years, the 44-year-old pro wrestler-turned-actor has been making cameo appearances at the WWE, thanks to his busy shooting schedule. However, we feel it won't be long to see him competing in the WWE ring yet again.

Not the legendary Undertaker or the beast Brock Lesnar or even his WrestleMania 33 opponent Goldberg, the WWE fans have chosen the 'Phenomenal One' AJ Styles to be the Rock's dream opponent.

Never has an in-ring fight taken place between the Rock and AJ Styles and the match will no doubt be an instant cracker. A fight card being headlined with a fight between the 'Phenomenal One' and the 'Most electrifying man in sports entertainment', is definitely worth watching for.

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Here are the top 5 superstars WWE fans want to see The Rock fight against:

AJ Styles: 24% votes

The Undertaker: 13% votes

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Roman Reigns: 12% votes

Goldberg: 12% votes

Triple H: 12% votes

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