Rock music isn't dead, it's just a label, feels British Band 'The Dire Straits Experience'

Who says rock music is dead? 'The Dire Straits Experience' band members feel that's just a label! When Gurgaon is all set to experience a one in a lifetime concert, ANI took some time to have a candid chat with the British rock band, who are all set take the Indian crowd on a joy ride for the first time, in person. The British band is in India to extend their support to Seagram's 100 Pipers' 'Play for a Cause,' an initiative to provide sustainable drinking water to villagers in Rajasthan. Dire Straits,' formed in 1977, drew its music from a variety of musical influences, including jazz, folk, and blues, and came closest to beat music within the context of rock and roll. On a related note, The Dire Straits Experience is scheduled to perform for the Indian audience on March 17 and 19 in Gurgaon and Bengaluru respectively.