Robert Vadra Welcomes Liquor Ban, But Appeals For Modifications

While lauding the Supreme Court order, Vadra added that the ban could affect “approximately 1 million employees”.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra on Monday lauded the Supreme Court order to ban the sale of liquor near national and state highways. The order states that any liquor vend within 500 metres of state or national highways will have to shut shop from 1 April.

Drawing from personal experience of having lost his own sister to an accident, Vadra took to Facebook to express his views on the ban.

While saying that the ban is "worthy of respect and commendation", he added that “approximately 1 million employees might be affected” due to the ban. "Some respectable establishments might be adversely affected while having a record of adhering to rules and not allowing patrons/ customers to exceed limits of consumption,” he said.

Vadra concluded his post with an appeal for certain changes in the order. “Hope some modifications in the order are considered and introduced in the future, to prevent the loss of jobs and damage to the industry while still enforcing safety requirements, with strictness.”