Roadies Revolution 17: From Donating Task Money to this Season's First Elimination, MTV’s Adventure Reality Show’s Upcoming Episode Is Much Awaited

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Two weeks into the thrilling journey and Roadies Revolution is already winning hearts for bringing about a positive change, given that is their theme this season. The contestants and celebrity leaders have left no stone unturned to do their bit for the betterment of the society. While the last week saw the Roadies troop bringing a smile on the faces of little kids by cooking delicious mid-day meals, this week awaits a series of exciting and entertaining events that we bet you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Here’s all you can expect from Saturday’s episode. Roadies Revolution 17 Begins Journey in Rishikesh (View Pics).

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The first vote out of this season will be taking place in the next episode. The Top 20 contestants have already completed 2 sets of tasks and up next in store for them will be the first vote out! While some contestants are already immune and safe this week, it’ll be interesting to see who bids adieu to the journey in the first elimination of the season. Roadies Revolution 17 To Air Fresh Episodes of The Adventure Reality Show From June 27 (Deets Inside).

With every vote out, come strained relationships and we have witnessed this trend since forever. An array of heated arguments between Aman, Pratibha, Abhimanyu, Nisha, Saqib and Sanjay will have the audiences hooked to see how would things shape up for the rest of the season. Friendship, trust and expectations- everything, will be at stake in this first round of elimination. Roadies Revolution Season 17: Rannvijay Singha Pledges To Contribute Funds To Contestant Avdesh Nagar To Help Achieve Olympic Dream.

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Then comes gang leader Neha Dhupia’s big outburst. Amidst all the drama, a few turn of events leave Neha disappointed, as a result of which she loses her cool in the upcoming episode. Neha will be seen expressing her anger, “It feels like I am shot in the front and stabbed at the back”. Her disappointment and anger can be seen through the episode as she feels the contestants have not understood the game as of now.

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The episode will also see the makers make the most of the Yoga Capital Rishikesh, by introducing a Yoga Naav task. The Yoga Naav task would see contestants performing it in two stages- the first stage is river rafting, where each team will raft in the river and collect coloured balls which will add value in the next stage. The second stage will have 4 teams perform yoga asanas with their leaders. Interestingly, celebrity leaders will have the opportunity to win advantages and get an extra point for the team.

Staying true to its name, the Roadies gang is all geared up for another revolution! Last week, the troop associated with Divya Prem Sewa Mission for the kids of the leprosy-affected parents and in this week, they’re all set to lend their support to Kunao Village, where Afghan refugees have been living for years without an electricity connection. The money donated in this week’s task will be used in installing solar panels in the village.

Roadies Revolution is ready to take you through the roller coaster journey of emotions, expectations, thrill and competition. Tune in to Roadies Revolution, this Saturday at 7PM only on MTV to catch up on what happens next!