Road World Championships thrown into chaos as awful weather causes crashes

Attila Valter was one of the cyclists forced off his bike in Harrogate

While it’s fantastic that the Road World Championships came to Yorkshire, it would have been far better if a month’s worth of rain hadn’t also arrived in one day.

Riders and spectators alike battled the conditions in Harrogate, after a warm, sunny week made way for torrential downpours throughout the day.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the rain wreaked havoc in the U23 Men’s Individual Time Trial on Tuesday as cyclists were forced off their bikes in a number of bizarre ways.

The first saw Attila Valter launched off his trusted ride in a crash which lasted 12 long seconds.

After initially appearing to lose control of the bike, Valter did his best to regain it before he crashed into the pavement.

The 21-year-old Hungarian was then sent skidding downhill before remarkably getting back up and walking away.

Locals battling the conditions (Credit: PA Images )

Johan Price-Pejtersen was also an unfortunate victim of the inclement weather at the race.

The European U23 champion, from Denmark, rounded a corner at speed when he encountered a pool of water which closer resembled a lake.

(Credit: Getty Images)

With it already too late to avoid the body of water, he went through it, only to crash and end up partly submerged, mercifully appearing unharmed by the ordeal.

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