RJD President Jagada Nand Singh’s distasteful comment, says ‘ BJP raped mandate & CM is illegitimate’

It is a shocking and deplorable comment that is coming in from RJD, Bihar, Jagada Nand Singh who said that NDA and BJP raped the democracy, he further goes on to say that Nitish Kumar is a child which is born after BJP raped the people’s mandate. This is an absolutely derogatory language used to describe political affairs. Comparing the verdict of the election to rape in a manner that is absolute derogatory and an insult to women who have been raped is insensitive. He says that the government is faulty. He says the state has been looted in terms of elections. He says the government has been formed illegitimately and has raped the democracy. He also added that they are trying to be a government, and are puppets in the hands of BJP.