"Riverdale" Writers Shade Guest Star Sam Witwer for Criticizing Confusing Scene

Tamara Fuentes
Photo credit: The CW

From Seventeen

Sam Witwer might have been on Riverdale, but that doesn't mean he's a fan of what happened to his character, Mr. Chipping, and the show.

During the sixth episode of season four, Mr. Chipping randomly jumps out the window to his death, leading many to wonder why he did it in the first place. But Sam thought the scene was pretty crazy even for a show like Riverdale.

"As for why that character jumps out a window, I have no idea," Sam Witwer told io9 in an interview. "But I read the script and laughed. I was like, 'Right, of course. Of Course he does.'"

io9 mentioned that Riverdale fans were also confused by his death for quite a while since it happened in November. It wasn't until the March 11 episode that it was revealed that the reason why he committed suicide was because he felt guilty that he brought Jughead to Stonewall to be killed by the next ghostwriter.

"I’d love to say I had deep thoughts about the whole thing, but I don’t think that’s really the way they work over there," he said.

Well the Riverdale writers found his interview and it looks like they are not happy with what he had to say based on a recent tweet on their page.

"Mystery Solved: It’s because everyone wanted to PUSH you out the window, Sam. Stay classy and safe," they wrote.

Sam hasn't replied back to the tweet, but several fans weren't happy with what they had to say.

"What a rude way to respond to valid criticism. You can’t expect your actors to do their job if you’re not willing to help them understand their work. As it’s understood, Lili also asked for further info this season bc she NEEDED more to understand her character’s motivation," one fan wrote.

"Maybe follow your own advice about staying classy and be the bigger “person” here?" another fan wrote.

Although we might not be seeing Mr. Chipping on the show ever again, you still have to admit that this whole situation is the most AWKWARD thing ever.

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