'This Is a New River, Huh?': Torrent of Floodwater Surges Through Virginia Yard

Heavy rain on ground already soaked from Tropical Storm Isaias created flash flood conditions in and around Richmond, Virginia, on August 6.

Jim Krogsund joked that they’d had a “little bit of rain” in Manakin-Sabot as he recorded a virtual river of floodwater surging through his yard. “This is the most rain we’ve ever had in our yard,” he says in the video. Adding, “this is not a creek,” as he films the torrent of water.

His video also shows a boxing ring he keeps in his yard, with water submerging it up to the first rope.

Flash flooding warnings were still in effect on August 7 for central and eastern Virginia, as further showers and storms were expected, the National Weather Service said. Credit: Jim Krogsund via Storyful