Ritika Pan, A Dentist By Profession Who Has Taken Internet By Storm With Her Fashion & Beauty!

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Someone has rightly said 'Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak'. With her style and fashion sense, Ritika Pan has expressed a lot for the last 4 years. She is a successful fashion blogger from Jabalpur. A lot of people are in awe of her stunning appearances and how confidently she pulls off anything and everything.

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Ritika Pan's popularity over the years has helped her gain trust among several brands and companies. She attends many events in Kolkata where she gets a chance to express her understanding of fashion with masses. A lot of brands also collaborate with the gorgeous diva.

By profession, Ritika Pan is a dentist. But fashion has always been her first love; her passion. Despite having a busy schedule, Ritika makes sure to take out time out of to work on her looks, keep up with trends and share beautiful pics and videos on her social media by donning different make-up and looks.

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On her blog site called 'That Rebel Bong Blog', Ritika Pan shares posts about different fashion trends, make-up and beauty tips, hacks, top appearances for any occasion/festival, about places where people can find best stylish stuff etc. Over the time, her blog has grown quite popular among people. She also shares videos and pics on her Instagram page. A lot of people ask her about fashion/beauty related queries. Ritika always helps them out either in the DMs or comments section.

About her love for fashion and beauty, Ritika Pan shares, "I have a passion for traveling but fashion will always be my obsession. Fashion for me is being comfortable in my own skin."

People can check out Ritika's work Here.