Rishikesh man showering love to stray cattle amid pandemic

Rishikesh (Uttarakhand), June 04(ANI): Jagdish Prasad Bhatt, a resident of Rishikesh, cames forward to support to distribute of food for the stray cattle roaming on the roads during lockdown. He has been arranging green fodder daily for the animals roaming on the road. Bhatt had taken his voluntary retirement from Punjab Electricity Board due to his animal love and devoted his life to the service of destitute animals, has emerged as a boon for the destitute animals roaming on the roads. He has fed to more than 2,600 animals living on the streets along with an ex-military companion Sudesh Bhatt, along with which he also arranges food for the 'langurs' (monkey) living in the forests. He has arranged this food at his own expense.

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