Rishi Kapoor Now Attacks Anurag Kashyap and Anurag Basu With His Fiery Words!

Team Latestly
Why is Rishi Kapoor angry with Anurag Kashyap and Anurag Basu? What has gone wrong now?

Rishi Kapoor is at it again! Known for his blunt speech and keeping all his talks absolutely khullam khulla, Kapoor is also known for his angry remarks and his equally furious tweets. The veteran Bollywood actor is now in the mood to shoot some really unsavoury remarks at one of Bollywood's popular directors. Yes, Kapoor senior is not in the mood to spare Anurag Kashyap.

Ranbir Kapoor's father has not forgotten Kashyap for creating the major fiasco that was Bombay Velvet. It was one of the major flop's of Ranbir's career. Papa Kapoor has still not gotten over the issue and even today he discusses how one of Bollywood's most respected directors wasted crores on a project like Bombay Velvet. In fact, he is still harboring the grudges against Anurag Basu for dishing out Jagga Jasoos.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, he said, “Anurag Kashyap (Bombay Velvet). You give him so much money, he literally didn’t know what to do with it. Jagga Jasoos was such a bad film, such a bad story. It was absolutely rubbish. I questioned Ranbir and he said, ‘Papa, the man who gave me Barfi, how could I question his... I thought he’d be responsible enough to know to keep the story at its point’.”

It's a known fact that Ranbir and Rishi Kapoor's equation can not be equated with that of a back-slapping friendship between a father and a son. Kapoor opened up about his relationship with Ranbir. He said, “I have always maintained a very formal relationship with him. I was never the backslapping type. Because that’s how my father was with me. It was out of love, affection, and respect. Ranbir didn’t see a lot of me in the house while growing up because I was a very busy actor and Neetu was running the house.”