Rishi Kapoor turns abusive against Twitter trolls; calls them d*ckhead, bit*h on direct message

Suparno Sarkar
Rishi Kapoor

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor recently got engaged in an abusive Twitter banter with some of his followers. Rishi not only slammed the trolls in tweets but even dropped some abusive messages before blocking them.

It all started after Rishi held a quiz on Twitter, asking followers: "What do Rishi Kapoor and Karan Johar have something similar and common between them?" While the answer that Rishi was expecting is he and Karan have named their sons after their fathers (Rishi's son Ranbir Kapoor was named after his iconic actor grandfather Ranbir Raj Kapoor while Karan named his son Yash after his late producer father Yash Johar), some of his followers came up with replies to troll the actor.

Although Chintu, as Rishi is fondly called, got the answer that he wanted, some of the replies irked him so much that he ended up replying to them with abusive words. He even lashed out at some of them with direct messages in an equally abusive language.

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Check Rishi's quiz question and he was happy to have received the desired answer:

Rishi was happy to receive the desired answer:

However, soon some of his followers started trolling him, following which Rishi lost his cool and turned abusive:

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Rishi did not stop there and even lashed out at some of them through direct message.

Rishi kapoor twitter

Twitter screenshot Twitter screenshot


Some criticised Rishi for using such language on the social media.

Another follower suggested Rishi that he is too aged to use such foul language but, instead got a similar reply before getting blocked.

Rishi kapoor twitter

Twitter screenshot

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Almost all the celebs on Twitter come across such trolls. However, Rishi is a veteran Bollywood actor and use of such language on social media certainly does not suit his stature. We suggest Chintu ji can always block such unwanted followers, but being an influencial personality, it is always better to avoid such swearing on social media.

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