Rishi Kapoor lashes out at Pakistani woman for her abusive tweet on him!


Rishi Kapoor the veteran actor is not exactly soft-hearted when it comes to harsh words and he ensures that he does not mince his words while tweeting. He is known for his blunt talk and his tweets are often like barbed wire. Rishi Kapoor has often been abused, trolled and called names on social media because of this habit, so much so, that recently he went on a blocking spree and blocked all his detractors and trollers. The 64-year-old actor recently published his autobiography ‘Khullam Khulla: Rishi Kapoor Uncensored’ and ensured that he does not shy away from using the harshest words possible and the most bitter truth. Only recently he shared a tweet with a picture of actress Farah Naaz (elder sister of Tabu) and called her unprofessional and eccentric. This time though he locked horns with a Pakistani girl on Twitter and their conversation is making waves.

Twitter user Fariha, whose handle is @fay_Alif had retweet the post of Rishi Kapoor and called him ignorant along with using the F word. She wrote, “How f*****g ignorant is this person?”.The tweet link seems to be broken now but she posted the tweet that she was referring to. Rishi Kapoor who noticed Fariha’s post was quick to reply with a retort, “Mind your language young lady! Surely your parents did not teach you to speak to elders this way?” She replied that her parents had taught her well. What irked the girl was Rishi Kapoor’s tweet on Pakistan. He had tweeted, “Pakistan just wants hatred, inspite of trying to broker peace via actors,films,sports etc”. This tweet started the barrage of conversation between the two. Rishi Kapoor disses actress Farah in tweet, calls her unprofessional and eccentric!

Rishi Kapoor it seems never seems to have a quiet day on twitter. Sometimes he brews storms himself; sometimes he is the centre of a storm. Whatever it is Rishi Kapoor is a lot of fun on Twitter!