The rise of the rapper Nuckles 'Nasser Dajani'

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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The rise of the rapper Nuckles
The rise of the rapper Nuckles

13 Nov 2020: The rise of the rapper Nuckles 'Nasser Dajani'

Since releasing HABIBI, one of his most popular songs yet, rapper Nuckles aka Nasser Dajani has been in the limelight.

Thanks to his unique style, this young Arab has received a lot of love and support. However, this support didn't come without hatred. Although Nuckles faced immense criticism on the internet from Arab users, he is still moving forward with his songs.

Development: What helped Nuckles change his way of communication?

Nuckles saw the need to change his way of communicating with people. So he learned to rely on himself, and to forget the idea of trust due to not being accepted by people.

He encountered challenging circumstances which helped him develop more. He soon met new people, including an Arabic and two Russians friends, who were like his family.

Love: While looking for his life purpose, Nuckles fell in love

Life took a major turn when almost everybody left in search of a job or a better way. This affected Nuckles badly.

As he lost himself and his course for a few years, he fell in love a half-Palestinian girl, whom he described as the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. This was crazy because of how distrustful he was of people.

Breakup: His breakup caused a complete mental breakdown

Nuckles decided to marry this girl. Unfortunately, he was still influenced by his bad habits and past experiences, which eventually destroyed the relationship.

He said he was mentally and emotionally unstable at the time, which led to losing the girl he loved.

Meanwhile, after a complete mental breakdown, he returned to his old self that he had despised since his teenage days.

'Muharreban': The song 'Muharreban' is dedicated to his lost love

Three years after the split, he decided to devote a song to her called Muharreban, because he could never forget his love.

Since the release of this track, it has become one of his most popular tracks, alongside HABIBI and 971. Nasser said that there is no going back at this point, and that he'll thrive no matter what life throws at him next.

Fact: Chief Keef and the Chicago Drill Scene influenced his music

Chief Keef and the Chicago Drill scene influenced Nuckles a lot, along with other legends like DMX, Waka Flocka, and 50 Cent. Nasser Dajani also remembers his upbringing in a small town where the rules of Islam and Sharia were prevalent.