#RIPBala Trends on Twitter after a Fan of Thalapathy Vijay Dies by Suicide (View Tweets)

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This year is definitely turning out to be shocking with each passing day. The coronavirus pandemic affecting thousands of lives, then some or the other climatic disaster or people taking drastic steps owing to depression or other reasons, many stressful things have been happening around. And it is disheartening to see when a young lad like Bala, who is said to be a die-hard fan of Thalapathy Vijay, died by suicide. Twitterati is trending #RIPBala and it started after this news broke out. Rajinikanth Fan Allegedly Murders a Thalapathy Vijay Fan Over COVID-19 Donations.

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A few screenshots of tweets from the Twitter handle named @AlwaysLonely07 that is said to be of this young lad, who took such a drastic step, are going viral. It reportedly mentions how he has been depressed since quite sometime. In of the tweets, he has also mentioned how much he loves Thalapathy Vijay and his last wish was to watch Master. Apart from offering condolences, the Thalapathians are also mentioning how suicide is not a solution to any problem and how it is important for one to remain positive amid the ongoing tension across the globe.

RIP Bala

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Shocking News For All Thalapathy Fans

It Is Said That To Watch 'Master' Was His Last Wish

Bala Was A Die-Hard Thalapathy Vijay Fan

Condolences To The Family

There are several other fans of Thalapathy Vijay who wish this message to be conveyed to the superstar that one of his fans has died by suicide. May his soul rest in peace.