'RIP the idea of GST', P. Chidambaram tweets criticizing GST council

Congress party hits out at the Centre over GST council as Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram puts out a 'ten-point guide to understand GST' on his Twitter handle. This is what he has tweeted: Here is a ten point guide to understand GST: 1. GST started as a good idea 2. BJP converted it into a bad law 3. It was notified with horrendous rates of tax 4. The law was applied as though tax-collecting officers were hounds hunting foxes 5. Every businessperson was suspected to be a tax evader 6. The GST Council was reduced to a talking shop 7. The GST Implementation Committee (consisting of officers) became the tail that wagged the dog 8. The FM treats the GoM as an extension of the NDA and its supporting parties 9. All FMs who express a contrary view are treated as errant schoolboys 10. The idea of GST: RIP Watch the full video to know more about this story and stay updated with the latest news and breaking stories only on Times Now.