RIP Grumpy Cat: You Meme The World To Us

Internet’s favourite cat passed away at the age of seven on 14 May. The grumpy cat had been famous across the world for its permanent expression of scowl which many found adorable. For years, the cat was not just one of the most entertaining memes but also a celebrity.

A post was shared from this American celebrity cat’s verified social media account informing fans of the feline’s sad demise, following a urinary tract infection that caused grave medical complications.

Grumpy cat was from Arizona and its actual name was Tardar Sauce. This female cat was widely called ‘Grumpy Cat’ because of feline dwarfism and underbite. This condition caused the perpetual ‘grumpy’ expression on the cat’s face.

The cat has also made many appearances on television shows like American Idol, ABC News, CBS Evening news and The Bachelorette. The cat was everyone’s favourite and even the favourite of our favourite celebrities.

The cat has gained millions of followers and has entertained several people with memes, GIFs, media appearances, commercials and what not.

We are sure that it will continue to make us smile even after its sad demise. In its loving memory, the fans are expressing their grief in their own creative ways. Here are some posts for grumpy cats by its fans and followers.

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