Rihanna ruffled a few feathers at Coachella 2017? Here's why she was called a bully

Keerthi Mohan


Rihanna was not a performer at Coachella, but she was indeed a major attraction at the music festival this past weekend. But a few fans who attended the event are not pleased with the Diamond singer's behaviour, with some calling her out for acting like a diva.

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According to a Radar Online report, Rihanna caused major traffic jam in the VIP section with her 20-person entourage on Saturday night. "There was kind of a mini-stampede as people were trying to leave the show, and Rihanna pushed her way to the front and personally held up traffic until she could pull everyone in her entourage through," an eyewitness told Radar.

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People were getting pushed and shoved trying to get out and Rihanna made it worse, the source said.

This is not the only gripe against the singer. Rihanna and her entourage refused to use the walking path used by other celebrities, despite signs urging concertgoers to stay on the path so as to make it easier for important vehicles to pass by, reported Radar Online.

On Sunday night, Rihanna reportedly started yelling at concertgoers who chose to stay on after Lorde's performance. "Most people in the VIP section decided to stay after Lorde's set and wait for Kendrick Lamar's, which was scheduled to start about an hour after Lorde finished," said another eyewitness. "It was the end of a long day, and a long wait, so a lot of people decided to sit down while waiting for Kendrick."

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But Rihanna wasn't pleased with this. "She started yelling at everyone, 'Get up off the ground! This is a hip hop show. If you can't hang, the exit is to your left.'"

"Everyone around her was laughing and kind of encouraging her, but this one random girl started yelling back at her that she was being a bully. So, Rihanna went up to a security guard and said that the girl was harassing her and asked for her to be removed!"

Interestingly, this is not the first time Rihanna has been accused of acting like a diva.

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Back in 2010, Marie Claire had reported that Rihanna shocked staff at Mayfair's Mahiki nightclub by turning up unannounced with an entourage of 70 people. After the staff managed to accommodate them, Rihanna demanded that she have her own private dance floor. This was also sanctioned.

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