Rihanna channeled Catwoman for Christmas in a teeny leather ensemble

Pop star and fashion-beauty icon Rihanna out and about in November. (Photo: Getty Images)

While some deck themselves out in artist merchandise when heading to a concert, Rihanna goes for head-to-toe leather. The singer attended Jay-Z’s Los Angeles concert last night in a Catwoman-worthy outfit.

Her black leather mini with a bra top showed a ton of skin, so she covered up with a shin-length leather jacket. While the dress was definitely tight and slick enough to stay up on its own, it also had a halter strap.

She paired the look with black strappy heels and carried a — you guessed it — black leather mini-bag. Naturally, she amped up the vixen vibes with a bright red lip. And she acknowledged the time of year by adding green nails—for Rihanna, Christmas colors would be red and neon green.

At some point in the night, she also attended her Fenty holiday party, for which she ditched the jacket and threw on some red tinted sunglasses for a set of photos with partygoers. She also attacked a piñata with a candy cane and got up close and personal with an alien, as one does at a holiday party. She showed off her goofy side — while still looking incredibly sleek — by throwing on a pair of reindeer ears.

If Catwoman celebrated Christmas, we now know what she would wear.

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