Rights group urges UK govt to grant asylum to Afghan women prone to Taliban attacks

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UK PM Boris Johnson
UK PM Boris Johnson

London [UK] July 11 (ANI): Human and women's rights groups on Sunday asked the UK administration to provide asylum to the vulnerable Afghan women amid the US troops withdrawal and increase in Taliban violence in the war-torn country.

The Khaama Press reported that the campaigners have asked UK to join the US in granting visas to prominent female journalists, politicians and activists prone to the Taliban threats and also airlift Afghan interpreters and its embassy's staff and security guards in Kabul

Earlier, the groups have asked the Biden administration to provide up to two thousand visas specifically for vulnerable women and their advocates who are at risk after the US troops pull out from Afghanistan.

Neither UK nor the US administration has shown a green signal for the recommendation made by these groups.

This comes amid a surge in violence in Afghanistan. The Taliban has intensified its offensive against the government after foreign forces have started withdrawing from the war-torn country. (ANI)

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