The righteous and impregnable Indian Army gives us numerous reasons of pride, here are a few.

Formed in 1776, the Indian Army doesn’t limit itself to braving wars and combating terrorism; the 4th most powerful army in the world also shoulders a multitude of responsibilities towards the citizens of the land they so dearly love. Whether there’s a need of tricky operation to salvage a 5 year old from an abandoned bore well in Haryana, rescuing casualties from under a plummeting bridge in Kolkata, or running to the aid of flood victims in Uttaranchal or Kashmir – our soldiers never shy away from taking added responsibilities whenever there’s a life in question.

Here are more reasons to be proud of our men donning the olive green.

Though the constitution has an option of military conscription, unlike many countries our government never felt the need to employ it. Every single jawan in the forces has volunteered to serve the nation without any compulsion mandated by the government which reflects India’s superabundance of dauntless men.

We lost a substantial part of our Army to the newly formed neighbouring nation during the India-Pakistan partition. But just in 71 years we have overcome that loss and stand tall as the third largest Army in the world.

In 1982, the Indian Army built the Bailey bridge in the Himalayan Mountains, between the Dras and Suru rivers, at one of the highest elevation in the world. The 30 meters long bridge stands at an altitude of 5,602 metres above the sea level.

Talking about measurements, it would add a few inches to the girth of your chest to know that the world’s highest battle ground is controlled by our military forces. Every year about 3000 troops are deployed at the edge of a glacier in Siachen amidst spine chinning sub-human conditions.

Cricket fans may be thrilled to know that MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar are bestowed with honorary ranks in the military. While the Master Blaster is awarded the rank of a Captain in the Indian Air Force, MS Dhoni is a Lieutenant Colonel in the army.

Contrary to other government jobs and educational institutions, the army neither recognizes castes nor are there any caste based provisions. Only merit and fitness are considered while recruiting soldiers and service comes to play for promotions.

The Indian Army is also recognized as one of the most humanitarian forces in the world. There is a certain code of respect and tenderness with which we treat our prisoners of wars; India will never have to hang its head in shame for aping the atrocities Captain Kalia was put through before being brutally assassinated by the Pakistani Army during the Kargil war on any member of the enemy camp. IAF’s Operation Rahat was one of the biggest rescue civilian rescue operations in the world. Our Army has rendered the greatest contribution to United Nation’s peace making operations.

China attacked in India in 1962, when the nation with the Army was in its weakest. Our almost unequipped army, with its scarce resources and almost no food, withstood the Chinese forces for days in the trying Himalayan ranges. There was no dearth in valor despite the deficiency in ammunition. Today, though those days are far behind us, the martyrs of the Indo-Sino war live on to be our pride.

The Indian Army boasts the record for accepting the largest military surrender witnessed by the world – ever – when 93 thousand Pakistani soldiers knelt down in front of its Indian counterpart.

That India covertly conducted its very first nuclear detonation way back in 1974, without the CIA catching wind of it remains to be the agency’s biggest failures in detection and espionage till date – strong arms, kind heart complete with a sharp brain- that’s the Indian Armed Forces for you.

Jai Hind!!!

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