Ridley Scott to direct 'Battle of Britain'

Indo Asian News Service

Los Angeles, April 4 (IANS) Filmmaker Ridley Scott has been roped in to direct and produce the upcoming film "Battle of Britain", based around World War II.

The Battle of Britain began on July 10, 1940, as Adolf Hitler's Nazi air force, the Luftwaffe, bombarded the British Isles through October, reports variety.com.

British seaports and shipping lanes were the first targets, followed by the Royal Air Force airfields and nightly attacks on London. But the Nazis were unable to overcome British resistance in what was the first major defeat for Germany in the war and the plans for the invasion, dubbed Operation Sea Lion, were scrapped.

Scott has completed production on "Alien: Covenant", which is slated to release on May 19.

He is also in talks to direct two other projects -- "All the Money in the World", centering on the 1973 kidnapping of industrialist J. Paul Getty, and "The Cartel".

A 1960s' film was also titled "Battle of Britain", which was directed by Guy Hamilton.