'Ridiculous,' says AAP as MLA Atishi gets income tax notice

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30 Jun 2021: 'Ridiculous,' says AAP as MLA Atishi gets income tax notice

The Income Tax Department has sent a notice to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Atishi, she and the party said on Wednesday, slamming the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over the matter. The news was shared this afternoon by Atishi and other leaders of AAP, the ruling party in the national capital Delhi. Atishi is a legislator from Delhi's Kalkaji constituency.

Details: Notice sent over assets declared in election affidavit

The notice is based on the movable assets declared by Atishi in her election affidavit filed ahead of the 2020 Delhi Assembly election, the AAP said. She had declared around Rs. 60 lakh in movable assets, comprising fixed deposits and mutual funds, fellow AAP MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj said at a press conference today, where Atishi was also present.

Quote: 'We are not going to be threatened by you'

"The central government is using all the probe agencies to trouble the leaders of AAP," Atishi said today. She added, "Despite all their efforts, they could not find even a single mistake or sustain any case against any AAP leader." Atishi alleged the government wants to scare educated professionals who enter politics, adding, "We are not going to be threatened by you."

Fact: Atishi challenges BJP leaders to show income sources

Atishi went on to challenge BJP leaders to furnish their income sources. "They can call us whenever, wherever they want. I will give details of all accounts for as long back as they want. Are BJP leaders also ready for such scrutiny?"

Statement: Bharadwaj calls the tax notice 'laughable'

Meanwhile, Bharadwaj said it was "laughable" for the I-T Department to issue a notice to his colleague. "A person with such qualifications, who works for 8-10 years as a researcher and consultant, can easily earn enough to have this kind of money in FDs and Mutual Funds." He pointed out that Atishi is a post graduate from Oxford University and a former Rhodes scholar.

Fact: 'Sexist BJP stoops to another low'

"Sexist & chauvinist BJP stoops to another low of vendetta politics. Atishi given IT notice for 59 lacs in FD & Mutual funds which were earned before 2012. BJP cannot tolerate educated young women in politics (sic)," Bharadwaj said separately in a tweet.

Fact: You can watch the press conference here

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