Rick Sheninger: 3 Essential Things You Must Do Before Launching Your Online Course and Spending Money on Advertisement

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If you look around, you’ll see that the online market for online courses has grown tremendously in the last couple of years. This increase in demand encouraged many creators to launch and sell their own expertise online, mostly in the form of courses.

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But the competition is fierce, so having the right thing to teach is not enough anymore. You need to differentiate yourself in a unique way that makes people want to learn from you specifically.

How do you do that as a course creator who may be doing it part time? And how can you make sure that your time, energy and money don’t go to waste? Here are three things digital marketer Rick Sheninger encourages you to do…

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Who is Rick?

Rick is the founder of One to One Marketing, a digital agency that puts customers at the front of every campaign they launch or project they take on. He works with high profile companies like the Zig Ziglar family of companies, helping them build courses and implement profitable automations.

Rick always had an entrepreneurial spirit. As a kid, he held garage sales, held lemonade stands, mowed lawns and even cleaned horse stalls. On top of that, he loved leading people towards completing a mission. He wanted to make an impact on those around him, and push them to be better.

Rick’s advice:

1- Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and understand what problem they really want solved.

A lot of course creators launch their programs without considering the fact that the problem they’re solving might not be a pressing issue for their prospects. So what happens is they pour their energy into something that is not in demand. Go to forums, ask around and check if the problem you’re solving is recurring among a significant number of people.

2- Share your knowledge and focus on impact

Don’t be stingy, share your expertise on a specific topic online, through blog posts, social media content. It’ll make people notice you and want to learn from you. Don’t let your mental roadblocks stop you.

3- Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Here’s what Rick says: “One thing I wish I'd had back in 1995 was a mentor, who could help me figure out what direction I was going in, as well as helping me navigate the "business details”.... I feel this is an integral part of starting off on the right foot and really building something to be both proud of, as well as something sustainable”

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