Richard Madeley accuses Jeremy Corbyn of being 'frightened of an election'

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of being ‘frightened of a general election’ after Prime Minister Boris Johnson doubled down on his plan for an early vote on 12 December.

An election depends on the backing of the Labour Party, as the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act (FTPA), the law allowing an election before the five-year deadline, requires the support of a “super majority” of two-thirds of MPs.

But the Labour leader has so far not firmly said if he accepts Mr Johnson’s request for an election.

Mr Corbyn addresses Mr Johnson's call for a general election (ITV)

Speaking on the This Morning programme on Friday, presented by Richard and Judy, veteran presenter Richard Madeley said the Labour leader did not want a general election because his “poll ratings are awful”.

Mr Madeley said to Mr Corbyn: “What people watching this are probably thinking is: Jeremy Corbyn is hiding because he’s frightened of a general election.

“He’s frightened for two reasons. One, his personal poll ratings - your poll ratings - are awful and your party’s ratings are dreadful too.

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“If there was an election based on the polls at the moment, you would lose and the Tories would win. Are you frightened of an election?”

Mr Corbyn responded: “No, not at all. I’m very happy to go out and campaign - I do it all the time anyway. I love campaigning and I love going out to talk to people.

Mr Madeley then asked Mr Corbyn: “Do you think you will win?”, to which the Labour leader said: “Yes I do. The last election, in November 2017; we were written off - but look what happened.”

The presenter said the Labour Party's poll ratings are "dreadful" (ITV)

Speaking further on the prospect of a snap election, Mr Corbyn told the veteran presenting duo: “I've said all along - take no deal off the table, and we'll have the election.

“No deal. Think what it does. Ford in Bridgend, gone. Nissan in Sunderland, ready to go if they lose their trade access. Airbus in north Wales. And so on all across the country.”

“He has got to understand that the protection of jobs and the protection of the Good Friday Agreement and peace process in Northern Ireland are very, very important. His proposals don't do any of that.”

Mr Corbyn told Richard and Judy that he believes he would win an election (ITV)

Boris Johnson is expected to table his third attempt to secure an early general election on Monday.

Mr Johnson has called on MPs to back a vote on December 12, saying he will give them more time to consider his Brexit deal if they agree.