Richard E. Grant charms fans with ‘lifelong’ love of Barbra Streisand as he shares 'adorable' letter to his idol

Katie Rosseinsky

Richard E. Grant charmed his fans as he revealed his lifelong love of iconic singer and actress Barbra Streisand.

The actor, who received his first Oscar nomination last week, posted a photo which he had recently taken outside the star’s Malibu home and told followers that he had written a letter to his idol at the age of 14.

“Anyone’s who’s a lifelong fan of someone will understand what it felt like for me to take this snap outside @barbrastreisand’s house in Malibu, having written to her when I was 14 years old!” he wrote alongside the photos, which show a beaming Grant outside Streisand’s gate.

“I asked security for permission and he said ‘It’s a public road, but thanks for asking.’ My wife @joandialect has generously accommodated my lifelong fandom!”

Grant also published the letter which he had written to Streisand as a teenager, in which he invited her to take a holiday at his family home in Swaziland, south-east Africa.

“I read in the paper that you were feeling very tired and pressurized by your fame and failed romance with Mr Ryan O’Neal,” he wrote. “I would like to offer you a two-week holiday, or longer, at our house, which is very beautiful with a pool and a magnificent view of the Ezulwini Valley.”

“No one will trouble you and I assure you you will not be mobbed in the street as your films only show in our one cinema for three days.”

The actor’s followers branded the anecdote “adorable”, with one fan writing on Instagram: “This is so sweet. Dreams do come true.”

Others suggested that it would only be a matter of time before the two stars crossed paths, with one commenter suggesting: “Absolutely lovely, she would have relished staying with you I’m sure! Hope you can share this story with her one day soon!”

Fans also took the chance to wish Grant the best at the Oscars ceremony next month.

“This is magnificent – as are you sir. Just wonderful. I very much hope you get your reply! And indeed your Oscar!” one wrote on Twitter.

Last week, Grant marked his first Oscar nomination for his role in Can You Ever Forgive Me? by posting a video from outside the ‘bedsit’ flat in which he used to live in Notting Hill Gate.

“I’m absolutely overwhelmed. 36 years ago I rented this bedsit here, which was one room in Notting Hill Gate for £30 a week, so $50,” he told his followers.

“I cannot believe that 36 years later that I am standing her as a 62-year-old man having an Oscar nomination!”

Can You Ever Forgive Me? also stars Melissa McCarthy and will be released in the UK on February 1.