Richa Bharti, Accused of Sharing Communal Content on Facebook, Ordered by Ranchi Court to Distribute Copies of Quran For Bail

Team Latestly

Ranchi, July 16: In what can trigger a political row, a Ranchi court on Monday granted bail to a student on condition that she would distribute five copies of Quran. Richa Bharti, who was arrested for allegedly sharing communal content on Facebook, has been ordered by the court to distribute five copies of the religious text Quran. Richa Bharti expressed unhappiness over the court's direction and said she would not distribute the Quran.

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Bharti was booked by the Pithoria police after she shared a message on Facebook which allegedly had a communal content. She was later arrested and put in jail. The police's action drew sharp reactions from the local community, including members of right-wing Hindu outfits. A protest was held in front of Pithoria police station on Sunday. The agitators called off the dharna after assurance from the rural SP Ashutosh Shekhar on Bharti's release. Man Arrested for Spreading Communal Hatred on Social Media.

Meanwhile, Bharti, through a lawyer, applied for bail. On Monday, the judicial magistrate Manish Singh granted bail while directing her to donate one copy of the religious text to Sadar Anjuman Islamia Committee and four copies to the libraries of various schools and colleges. The court's judgment was criticised by Twitter users with #RichaBharti trending on the micro-blogging site.

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"This is not #GangaJamneeTehzeeb, this is infringing on the fundamental rights of #RichaBharti, if she was asked to distribute copies of the Indian constitution, I can understand, but Quran?" a Twitter said. "Ridiculous to order #RichaBharti to distribute Holy Book of a religion which isn't hers as a condition for bail! Give bail on normal conditions given to everyone! Would a Rahman be asked to recite Gita or distribute it? Why do this stuff?" another user said.