Rich Kids of Istanbul Are Flaunting Their Wealth on Instagram! From Owning a Tiger Cub to Private Jets, View Pictures of Their Wealthy Lifestyle

Team Latestly

Remember the #FlauntYourWealth challenge? The hashtag which was everywhere on Instagram with rich people showing off their possessions was the talk of social media users last year. Once again, similar pictures have surfaced on the internet. It is the rich people of Istanbul. Well, for beginners, it is not a challenge or any new hashtag, but an Instagram page where the rich kids are sharing the evidence of their excellent life with envy-inducing snaps. From owning a tiger cub to a cobra to a private jet to Porches, these wealthy kids are taking over the Instagram flaunting their wealth. ‘Flaunt Your Wealth’ Instagram Challenge Goes Viral in China! Rich People Going to Rags Again to Show Off. 

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Istanbul, a city full of grand bazaars and a thousand years of history, is also home to a population of wealthy young people. Even we were not sure, until we landed— ‘’; an Insta handle which boasts over 12,000 followers documenting the lives of heiresses, entrepreneurs and offspring of the rich and famous from the Turkish city. They have shared the pictures of their very exotic pets ditching your favourite cat for a real-life tiger cub. And of course, the rich kids were pictured splashing the cash on shopping sprees around Istanbul. Know The Names of World's Richest Animals Ranked by Their Net Worth. 

Arriving in Style via Her Private Chopper

Arriving in Style via Her Private Chopper (Photo Credits: Instagram)

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Choosing a Tiger Cub Over Your Favourite Pet Cat

Choosing a Tiger Cub Over Your Favourite Pet Cat (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Showing Off Her Passion for Pink

Showing Off Her Passion for Pink (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Let’s Not Ignore the Porsche Here

Let’s Not Ignore the Porsche Here (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Meet Hisssss Friends!

Meet Hisssss Friends! (Photo Credits: Instagram)

To these teens, the spending spree never stops. There are a lot of many other pictures of rich young ones, flaunting their watches and designer clobber. Being born into a privileged lifestyle is a big deal, and these Instagram users are making it hard for us to imagine the extent of how wealth can spoil one.