RGV wishes fans 'unhappy' Holi, dubs festival as 'sexy moment'

New Delhi [India], Mar. 12 (ANI): After recently making the headlines with his sexist post on Women's Day, Ram Gopal Varma is back with a new shout-out on the eve of Holi.

Taking to his Twitter handle, the 54-year-old director said, "I doubt even 1 in 120 crore Indians knows reason why Holi is celebrated but they all do becos Bhang needs no reason ..Mera Bharat Mahaan!"

In another tweet, the 'Satya' helmer wrote, "Greatest thing about Holi is that this is only legitimate day in entire year men and women can see and touch each other in wet clothes."

"I really don't know which god killed which raakshas that we celebrating Holi but I thank Rakshas for creating such wonderfully sexy moments," he went on.

Varma added in another tweet, "Don't know what which rakshas did nd why God killed him but I thank both for giving me opportunity to see girl next door in wet clothes."

According to him, "Foolishness of festivals is celebrating victory over problems we not even aware of and ignoring both our present problems and solutions."

"I wish a very unhappy Holi to all who understood the shallow depth of my Holi tweets in relation to the deep shallowness of their minds," he concluded. (ANI)