Revolver Ranee: Of Parle and parleys

So much has happened in a week, so hard to contain excitement. Psst, I was told new gang is overactive. We all have heard of LeT, it’s passe. Now LeD is working full overtime. Haww, don’t tell me you haven’t heard Lashkar-e-Devendra has been working overtime.

They are widely circulating interviews from 1995 Maharashtra elections, by few politicians who are no more. Such desperados. If that is not enough, big, big (literally too), brother’s, interviews are being circulated, how he said only Devendra will return, remember ‘Me parat yein’.

Khee khee khee, what do-or-die situation.

Meanwhile, it’s the best time to be a legislator in Maharashtra. Most parties have moved their legislators to holiday resorts or hotels and now literally ‘Alibaug se aya’ is happening. All have been packed off like school picnics. Such fun when the party heads have to pay the bills, na.

I want to know what food and drinks they consumed. Hope some naach gaana and lavni happened. Sheh, what damp holiday of adults. Countrymen, Tiger zinda hai. Unlike his father who roared and threatened, this shrewd Uddhav uses sarcasm and humour which is unknown to the sainik gang.

On the other hand, the Pawarful septuagenarian has literally handheld all the politicians today and led the way to a whole new direction. Yes, many still are waiting with bated breath insinuating many a thing.

Such exciting times were not seen since 1999, when this ambiance was witnessed at the party headquarters of Congress and whether the strong Maratha leader would quit the parent national party.

There was a lot of activity and the usual firing of a gun from another person’s shoulders. In 2019, not much has changed. The only difference being the need for air-condition and better loos was felt more.

What holding parleys and all political jargon on weekend, while ParleG has become slim and small, we should agitate about this. Firstly, the vanilla essence does not emit from the Vile Parle factory, now that it has shifted.

Like all consumer items, biscuits too have been trimmed to suit the modern quick fix mindset. The most favourite biscoot has shrunk so much, that if you eat five at a time, is like eating two of yesteryears. I don’t know the conspiracy, but want to get to the root of it.

Have you seen that Jim Jam? Yes, poor oval shaped biscoot with nice thick chunk of jam and sugar we used to get. This whole diet business is a money making racket and in turn we get round shaped (I am angry like Shot Gun Murugan, how oval can become round? Nonsense) and that sugar only

has disappeared. What is this khunnas against these old biscoots I can’t understand. All these diet kakus forcing us to get away from cookies and biscoots. There is NO pleasure compared to dipping two ParleG biscoots at a time, in your chaha and eating them. Enjoy the Parle, while politicians have parleys.