Revolver Ranee: Mind you, it's all in the air

Political experts, including professors who are subcontinent specialists, must be self-flagellating every day, for being partisan. What else but conjoined twins -- India and Pakistan. They look like us, their leaders sound like ours and the less said about their politics the better. Imagine, they took sides and must now feel bashful.

Well, as they say, no permanent friends and no permanent enemies in politics. Imran Khan has suddenly lost popular appeal. So sad to see him reduced to a Google ‘bhikari’ top search. Sheh. And one of the most gutsy batsmen, the only one who could have hit the last ball of the last over for a six and snatch the trophy from India, Javed Miandad, sounds like the extra in a Hindi film.

Speaks of nuking, instead, he should have said his country would next defeat India, even that we would have taken in stride. With these muktafals, Miandad may actually be asked to shut up by his samdhi, ‘you-know-who, Da’.

While on our side, the drama has begun to unfold - of the predicted list of politicians who were to be targeted. The one leader who has so far held Mumbai to ransom, has suddenly taken to Gandhigiri, oh cho chweet. While the Lutyens lawyer has behaved predictably arrogant and contemptuously, has just lost all sympathy.

But why is nobody writing a book on Indrani? What a mind, sitting in jail, she has plotted her escape so craftily, seemingly like a lady Shylock, the one mind I would like to understand. The day is not far when we will see her walk out of jail, a free woman, possibly also having shed her marital bond. Speaking of marital bonds, her husband sadly, may end up being a Peter-repeater, as the one-and-only Ajit of 'Loin' fame, would have said.

Speaking of the raada-doer party, suddenly it has taken on the mantle of wit and sarcasm on Twitter. What tight ones in Marathi they have planted on a social worker, termed as BJP's Plan B, aai, Ganpati shappat, made my day. And for a change, the MNS Chitrapat Sena chief Ameya Khopkar gave a tight one to Bollywood biggies for turning their backs when it came to contributing for Maha floods.

Hearteningly, the light of compassion shone in their Marathi counterparts. Within a few days of Ameya's ear-pulling, Big B and Badabhai, arre, same one from atop Pedder Road, both gave away few hours' of earnings as contribution. My, my, that had our CM patting their backs, what camaraderie, I say!

All on Twitter, for the world to admire.

But instead of handing out plaudits, the CM should now be worried about how often people are falling ill. The severe climatic impact and the dirty air we breathe. A recent report on air pollution said the World Health Organisation has called urban pollution levels a ‘public health emergency’. Interestingly, this health emergency includes mental well-being too.

Feeling low? Instead of the current circumstances, the government has a nice excuse, blame it on ‘hawa’. I tell you, even the universe is helping the regime, it feels.