Revolver Ranee: Kissa khurchi ka

The to-be or not-to-be syndrome has gripped the Tiger party. I am surprised they stuck it out till now. May be first time in the history of our state, there is no confusion, cross talk and only man is tweeting, writing and giving tongue-in-cheek barbs, Raut-er.

Imagine all the preceding years, like a hungry lot they have been grabbing peanuts with both their hands. Now with some solid Pawar-play it does seem like finally, Sena has come into its own.

The mighty want to keep that Bada Jhol Party at a far distance and may the mighty win. Imagine from being the number one party, with “me parat yenar” to now all political parties wanting to keep this big number out of the fray, bosses need to take note of this. Those two bulldozers are busy calling the Supreme judges to create chaos over a god’s temple, hey Ram!

It is all about timing. From being slated as the top Chief Minister of the country and poster man for covers of leading top magazines, things have suddenly taken a turn for the worse, now he is the former. Both saffron parties have said Ram Ram to each other.

Now Supreme Court also allows prosecution of Fadnavis, despite their party ruling in the centre. Still our news channels will become His Master’s Voice. Such dhakka bukki channels are doing to get direct dictation from Bada ka bada bhai, why are they seeming to compete for the national stenography competition?

Suchay fun this whole forming the government is, actually I am NOT missing the ex-CM as much as his missus ...shhhh did you see her teeny weeny chin? It is now chintu.

Aai shappat, ladies, her face is looking rather stretched, whiter than before which has forced her Mister CM’s rivals to forward makeover photos of hers ‘before and after’.

So sad. Me actually likes her, at least a break from her Mister’s boring political coterie. I am told he was busy going to a famous babaji for getting ‘shanti’. Some shani, rahu chakkar, which was pre-ordained.

What has become of them, though. A full karmic circle? First they killed Krishna Desai in Lalbaug, else this party would never have grown on nativist ideology. Then their only spokesperson who is busy giving tight ones to the Bada Jhoot Party, has quoted the gazal of Hindi poet Dushyant Kumar, “Saye Me Dhoop”...famous lines

“Sirf hungaama khada karna mera maqsad nahin, saari koshish hai, ki yeh soorat badalni chahiye” (My aim is not to create chaos, the entire effort is to change the dynamics) with regards to the deadlock between the two orange parties.

I will come to this dhishum dhishum later, but is it not interesting the router, oops Raut is busy tweeting the poet associated with the Communist party not once, but twice! Times they are a-changin’ for sure. Me thinks we will be given a peaceful weekend and then back to monkey giri from Monday. I’m enjoying the break from a BJP-free government.

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