Review: Tango Wellness Motivator Doesn’t Feel Fit in the Long Run

Fitness goals are like those recurring dreams which regularly feature in our daily to-do lists. An increasing range of fitness bands make sure that you can monitor your workout activities on your wrists.

In the same league of accessories is the Tango Fitness Band, launched by Health Care Success, a Finnish technology company. Available at Rs. 4,700 on online stores, this promises a lot. But does it really leave a mark, or proves to be just another run-of-the-mill stuff? Read on.

Tango Wellness Motivator is launched by Health Care Success (Photo: Shiv Kumar Maurya/The Quint)


  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Decent Display
  • Good quality band
  • Improved app experience


  • Tacky button
  • No notifications support

What’s Good?

Tango Wellness Motivator looks good with its smooth PVC band and a glass display integrated seamlessly in the frame. The glass is slightly curved on the sides which adds to the overall aesthetics.

Tango Wellness Motivator has a smooth PVC band with a glass display. (Photo: Shiv Kumar Maurya/The Quint)

The fitness band provides information on steps taken, calories burnt, distance covered, milestone achieved, and in addition, also works as an alarm when needed.

Tango Wellness Motivator has an alarm function also with sleep monitor and calorie counter. (Photo: Shiv Kumar Maurya/The Quint)

The band feels fine on the wrist, and doesn't itch, even after a long day’s use.

The battery promises to last longer than your fitness streak perhaps. After a full battery charge and two weeks of our usage, the band still had 40% charge remaining.

Tango Wellness Motivator has a long lasting battery which promises at least 3 weeks of runtime. (Photo: Shiv Kumar Maurya/The Quint)

Tango Wellness Motivator’s ACT2FIT is a clean health-tracking app. It syncs to the wristband via Bluetooth and allows manual input of personal details and fitness goals.

Tango Wellness Motivator’s ACT2FIT app looks clean with all the relevant data displayed.

What’s Bad?

The button makes a loud 'click' noise when pressed to toggle between on-screen display options.

Also, in our personal comparison with a separate activity tracker in a Samsung phone, the readings were slightly different sometimes. While the Samsung based Google Fit told us that we took 4,864 steps on 19 March (chart below), Tango broke our heart by saying we took 3,286 steps only.

Data as displayed by Tango’s smartphone app
Data as displayed by Google Fit

The charger also takes a bit of practice, and dedicated skills to connect to the band. So good luck with that too.

Tango Wellness Motivator has an irritating charging slot. (Photo: Shiv Kumar Maurya/The Quint)

Why Buy It?

Tango Wellness Motivator is a light-weight accessory which can give you a basic low-down of your day’s activity. But, if you wish to get more value for money, there’s enough room for other options under Rs. 5,000. If on-device display is not your priority, you can get yourself a FitBit too.

In fact, Xiaomi’s Mi Band 2 retails at Rs. 1,999, and provides similar features along with notification alerts too. The Mi Band is a better choice for a basic fitness tracker, and clearly outruns this race with Tango’s Wellness Monitor.

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