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4. Prime Minister Modi meet US President Donald Trump

On June 27, 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met American President Donald Trump at the White House as part of his diplomatic visit to the United States. Modi visit to the US and the talks that were held there were an important page in the history of India-US relationship. The US President spoke highly of India and stated that India-US ties had never been stronger. The two world leaders sought to rise beyond bilateral ties and work jointly for the future of Asia and also to collectively fight the issue of terrorism plaguing both countries. After meeting Modi, Trump also said India has a true friend in the White House. Ivanka Trump’s visit to the global entrepreneurship summit in India on PM Modi’s invitation has further strengthened ties between the two countries.

Year In Review: The Biggest News Stories of 2017

From sensational exposes to the chilling murder of radical thinkers, from long-pending cases being concluded to the occurrence of unexpected mishaps, year 2017 had its share of landmark events.