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Top Tech Trends for 2018

10. Virtual Reality: 2018 will likely mark another important step towards Virtual reality. Facebook recently announced standalone VR, Oculus Go, gave a small insight of what  developers and consumers are going to get
Un-tethering VR headsets is a huge advancement for Facebook and when it’s launched sometime in 2018 as it will make VR much more attractive to consumers. But it’s just the first step to VR that’s advanced enough to wow consumers.
For gaming, I think untethered headsets need to be able to be multi-player, ideally with up to four players. Gaming by yourself is fine, but experiencing a virtual world with your friends would take the experience to the next level.
Facebook is also trying to make VR a social experience with users entering the same virtual world without being in the same room, which will take a platform to  manage lakhs of users with high-speed bandwidth. If VR companies can make VR social it could open up a world of possibilities for the technology.

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2017 has been a roller coaster ride in terms of technological advancements. But it is likely that 2018 will surpass it in innovations. Here’s a glimpse of what the next year may offer us in terms of tech marvels and what is likely to be trending in 2018.