Revealed: Why WWE is bringing back A-rated segments on TV?


Bengaluru, January 20: The McMahons took control of both the brands of WWE during the end of 2018 and promised some changes. They were determined to give something fresh to the global fanbase. We have noticed the efforts from the entire team to make things better on both Raw and Smackdown. Plus, another noticeable change happened in terms of bringing back attitude era kind of segments on WWE TV.
There have been multiple such so-called 'Divalicious' moments on both WWE Raw and Smackdown in the past few weeks. This was literally unthinkable in the PG-era where Vince McMahon would have tolerated no violence. Now we have already seen some Rated-A segments at a point when he is sitting at backstage controlling the remote of the show.
Mandy Rose is one of those concerned superstars who has featured in these segments. She appeared in a towel on Smackdown and followed that up with a lingerie appearance in a hotel room! Taking things one level up was Alexa Bliss who appeared topless on Raw. This was a throwback to the Attitude Era of the company where women athletes had to portray such horrendous acts.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter gave an update on WWE hosting such segments on TV. The veteran journalist added that, WWE might have intended to add some cutting edge contents to the weekly programme. And adding some sex appeal felt right for them to garner more attention from the public, (via
"So the idea is they want to bring back this idea of God only knows what. It's like old time, old time stuff. It's like whatever, that stuff's on regular TV shows all the time too. It was an attempt to do something that was very awkward in execution, but it was an attempt to make things sexy. That's all that was."

We can't deny the fact that the Alexa Bliss' topless video almost received 6 million hits in a span of just three days! Recently a rival promotion of the WWE used such tactics to get huge views on Youtube. So this must have been a solid encounter from WWE's point of view despite what the fans think. Going by the positive outcome McMahon and co. might just continue to air such segments on a regular basis.

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