Revealed: Outcome of Lashley-Lana-Rusev triangle on WWE Raw


Bengaluru, November 14: One of the edgiest storylines of this decade started to unfold on Monday Night Raw from September 30th onwards. Lana returned to WWE TV be-siding herself with Bobby Lashley. These two jumped into an adultery relationship having a make-out session on the stage in front of Lana's husband, Rusev. With Paul Heyman in charge of the storyline, such segments aired on the show for weeks to follow.
Overall, this angle received mixed response from the audience. This past edition of Raw had a promo session from Lana where she spread a fake pregnancy rumour. The entire segment was hijacked by the United Kingdom fans who showered Lana with thunderous boos. Most of them were not comfortable with the non-PG conversation between Rusev and Lana. Even the woman herself is said to be uncomfortable durinh these segments.

A report from Brad Shepard confirmed that Lana might have been forced to do this storyline by the creative team. She was not going back to TV, any time soon unless agreeing on doing this angle with Bobby Lashley where claims that Rusev will soon become her ex-husband. But deep inside, she's not at all comfortable on saying so to her real-life spouse.
Shepard also revealed the potential outcome of the angle which should see Lana going back to husband Rusev after enjoying her time with Bobby Lashley, (courtesy
"A source in WWE told me that Lana was easily the most uncomfortable with this entire storyline. However, it's either that or sit at home. Apparently, the idea is for Rusev and Lana to eventually reunite. How heart-warming."

Meanwhile, Vince McMahon is not bothered with the love triangle on WWE Raw getting negative reactions from the fans. According to, Vince McMahon got a 'kick out of this response' from fans. Rather, he is happy that the entire thing will establish Bobby Lashley as a strong heel. Also, it's a good thing for the WWE PR team that these segments featuring Lashley and Lana are getting the most number of hits on Youtube.
"McMahon gets a kick out of the storyline and feels that the negative reaction is just getting more heat on Lashley. Another thing that is being seen as a positive about this angle is the YouTube numbers.
"Although YouTube doesn't bring in anything close to the TV revenue, the YouTube numbers are included in the social media stats that they use in their quarterly reports so anything that can boost their stats is something that is welcomed by McMahon."

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