Revealed: How Models Actually Make Millions on OnlyFans

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How does a model go from an influencer to an entrepreneur making six figures every month?

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The answer isn’t as simple as you might think…

Gone are the days of social media feeds being flooded with teeth whitening products and energy drink brand deals. Over the last year paywall platforms that give fans extra content for a price have surged in popularity. These paywalls, like OnlyFans & FanCentro, have now helped many influencers earn millions in what seems to be overnight successes.

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But how does an influencer actually turn their following into a business bringing in 6 figures every month? The answer isn’t as simple as you might think...

Meet Violet, an invite only management agency that’s behind the success of some of the top creators on paywall sites like OnlyFans and FanCentro.

Violet is one of few agencies that provides complete management services for models, spanning content advice for socials and paywalls, to bespoke marketing and sales campaigns for clients, and also helping clients with growth and colalbs management services. In an interview the co-founders or Violet shared with us a few of the ways they help clients maximize their paywall earnings, including some of their unique approaches and strategies:

So what do you do at Violet to help create 6 figure businesses for clients?

“A little bit of everything. We help clients with content, including strategy and advice, to create marketing strategies for their pay walls and socials. We also manage and run all of their day-to-day collabs for growth and revenue, as well as a lot more”.

How do you help clients with content?

“If the client is comfortable with it our team can give full content direction for talent. This includes things like scripts for videos that they can follow line by line with links to buy outfits and toys for videos. Or, if clients prefer we can also just give high level advice and suggestions. It really depends too how involved the clients want us to be in the creative process, for some clients they love it and we’re pretty involved with ideation.

For example we have some models who want to grow different types of audiences, so we give content advice that can help them grow and connect with these audiences. We also like to see what each client's own natural interests are and find ways to incorporate this into content strategies for them so it’s more personal”.

On the side of actually driving revenue, how does Violet help clients turn their pages into a business?

“We see ourselves as our clients marketing department, so we cover everything from sales and holiday strategies, to PPV strategies, pricing strategy, fan retargeting and a lot more. For example, we have teams and services to drive traffic from socials and other platforms to paywalls, and then a dedicated team and set of tools for maximizing revenue with things like targeting marketing campaigns, algorithmic pricing and alot more. We also have an analysis and tech team to help us continually build and innovate the latest strategies and ideas, so with everything working together we’re able to maximize the revenue and LTV (life-time value) of fans for our clients”.

How does Violet help clients grow their followings on their paywalls and socials ?

We grow both social media and paywalls for clients using collabs, as well as helping clients make additional revenue by helping them sell collabs too like shoutouts too.

On paywalls like OnlyFans & FanCentro we manage all our clients' collabs. This means setting up free shoutout exchanges with similar models with similar sizes for mutual growth, to also using our clients budgets to buy paid shoutouts too. We have also helped models make thousands in just selling shoutouts too if they are comfortable with this.

Similarly on social media we also manage our clients' collabs. Given Instagram’s recent policy updates we tend to avoid Instagram share for shares but can provide this if clients want it. We do also provide retweet services where we can either buy RT’s for the client or set up mutually beneficial RT exchanges for the client. Ultimately, our aim is to make it so our clients can just focus on creating great content, we take care of the rest”.

How do you see the paywall industry changing over time?

“Right now we’re seeing a lot of new management agencies start-up who all do a few things at an ok level. Some are horrific that just aim to get talent trapped in contracts for years, (unlike us who work month-to-month), and others are run by those jumping at a quick cash grab opportunity. Currently no one is bringing the level of professionalism and optimization that the space needs to thrive in. At Violet we’re hoping to change all of that by focusing on building a long-term ever evolving business that focuses on innovation and fairness.

The influencers and agencies who earn and grow the most over the next few years will be the ones who can adapt, change and innovate the fastest.

For example, at Violet over the past few weeks alone we’ve built some amazing tools and methods focused on things like maximizing fan retention. One example is a tool we made to identify all the high-value and high ROI fans for models, their “high rollers”. Using this with some other tools we created we can then create laser targeted campaigns and marketing strategies, such as focusing higher margin and more expensive products and services to high rollers while also still maximizing low and mid-rollers with marketing campaigns optimized for them”.

We also have tools to maximize ROI of fans through other means, such as our tool that helps to detect signs when fans are getting disengaged over time. By finding fans that are becoming disengaged clients can then use our tools to reduce loss of subscribers who do not renew subscriptions.

It’s a weird world, and it’s going to keep getting weirder...

So while it may seem every influencer is launching an OnlyFans and apparently effortlessly making millions, don’t forget that there’s alot going on behind the scenes with agencies like Violet powering them.

Being such a new, fast growing and fast changing industry it’s hard to tell where this is all one going. However, one thing is certain - the days of teeth whitening products flooding our media feeds may finally be a thing of the past… thank you OnlyFans.