Will retaliate if US deploys intermediate-range missile in Asia-Pacifc, warns China

Beijing [China], June 24 (ANI): China on Wednesday warned United States of retaliation if America deploys its intermediate-range missile in Asia-Pacifc region.

"China is resolutely against #US' intermediate-range missile deployment in Asia-Pacifc region. If the US is to proceed, China will not sit idle and will take all necessary measures to counter," Global Times quoted Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian as saying.

Recently, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had said that China has illegally claimed territories in the South China Sea, threatening vital sea lanes. He advised Beijing to follow the "western rule set" for building their nation.

"I hope that the Chinese Communist Party will begin to recognize that if they want to rise, if they want to continue to build out their nation, that they need to do so on a Western rule set that honors the rule of law and honors freedom and respect for sovereignty," said Pompeo in a video message.

"The PLA has escalated border tensions. We see them today in India, the world's most populous democracy. We watch as its militarises the South China Sea and illegally claiming more territory there, threatening vital sea lanes," said Pompeo. (ANI)