The Restored Soul – The Remedy of Painful and Abusive Relationships

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Domestic Violence effects both men and women. Yet, the numbers for women are much more alarming. Women all over the world experience domestic violence 70% more than men. Despite the continued increase of this kind of victimization on women, they fail to speak, or do not have access to advantageous resources. Fear and shame keep them hostage, and inferiority keeps them debilitated. Sheryl Hatwood, the Owner & Founder of Endless Voice Productions LLC, and the author of the book “The Restored Soul,” perorates for those silenced voices. In her book, Sheryl unveils the layers of domestic violence, a realization which benefitted her steps towards healing. Inspired by her Off-Broadway play “The Wounded Soul,” grounded in her life story, and evolved into her book “The Restored Soul,” it addresses what many women have to endure in abusive relationship. Sheryl intends to release this book in October, in alignment with Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Domestic violence is any intimate partner relationship that involves threatening, emotional, physical, financial or sexual abuse. As a result, their partners’ inhuman and demoralizing treatment, women tend to experience secondary victimization, self-abuse, where they turn to alcohol and drug addictions, and experience depression. In her book “The Restored Soul,” Sheryl describes how domestic violence escalates when excused and the victim learns to accept it. As the abuse matures, humiliation, insufficiency, dependency and embarrassment play a role in our pacification. For this purpose, Sheryl took the responsibility and wrote her story “The Restored Soul” as proxy for all women who have experienced or are experiencing some form of domestic abuse.

Further, “The Restored Soul” discloses how control and power are the common denominators of abusive relationships and how words can leave deeper emotional scars than the physical bruises. Over time, the relationship gradually begins to worsen incorporating graduated and collective forms of abuse. The abuser discourages socialization and instead pursues isolation tactics.

In the book, Sheryl identifies how her choice was removed and how her defiant behavior escalated or initiated an abusive reaction. This was a cycle that eventually taught her that her voice did not matter and consequently,she learned to be silent. Sheryl learned how to attach blame to herself as the problem. She learned she did not matter and was taught that she was not enough. Sheryl experienced varying degrees of abuse in her personal life and she transparently divulges her resurgence from those self-debilitating thoughts and life in “The Restored Soul.”

Sheryl Hatwood has explained in her book how victims wish away the pain hoping they can make their abuser better. However, they rarely do. It is up to victims to become survivors – to get better. That awareness is a start. Domestic violence awareness is important, and women must initiate the dialogue so this issue remains at the forefront of conversations. How long? Until skepticism is gone, until their voice, and their experiences matter. And until they realize they are enough. Silence only condones the offences. It also strengthens the abuser to be comfortable in their control. But if we speak up, if we disarm the untold truths about the cause and effect of domestic violence, with deliberation, and action the pain and suffering endured in the past, the pain will become less pernicious. If the past hurts are not addressed, they can manifest into other forms of negative behavior. “The Restored Soul” reveals experiences which are true transparent and central to overcoming domestic abuse.

The Restored Soul,” captures the journey from the wounded soul which has propelled Sheryl to become an example of what overcoming looks like. She is the epitome of strength and resilience. Women who have faced domestic abuse can triumph through Sheryl’s story to find their own strength. She wants victims to know they only need to find one good reason to change and that is “You”.

In the end, the purpose of the book “The Restored Soul” is to address how women can deal with the pain of abuse and undergo self-development. Sheryl Hatwood is a public figure who has been featured in various TV and media appearances. Some of her most notable interviews were conducted by TV One -Madame Noire TV Show, “Aspire TV,” “Rolling Out,” “Unapologetically the US,” “Urban Magazine,” “Arise Entertainment 30,” and “Westchester Magazine.” Her book will be available on Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Kindle.

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