Residents in North Carolina Asked Not to Wash Clothes for 5 Days, Here's Why

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We often come across a few bizarre as well as strange news every day on television or newspaper.

Recently, an incident grabbed the attention of all and sundry and this one is from a North Carolina town, where the residents had given up on laundry for five days after the government asked them to.

On October 1, Surf City rolled out a request to its residents through Facebook.

"The Public Works Department will begin a directional flush of the hydrants and waterlines from October 7 through October 11," read the post.

Elucidating with the reason the authorities said, "The purpose of this flush is to remove excess iron from the water lines."

It further said, "Residents may experience discolored water."

The post continued and what was strange about it was that, it said the excess water will not pose a health risk, but “residents are discouraged from washing clothes during this time.”

Comments from residents have been pouring ever since the post was shared on social media. Some reacted in a funny manner while others were surprised.

“No clothes washing for 5 days,” read one of the comments.

“It’s gonna be murder catching up with our families of 5, and extracurricular activities/sports,” wrote another Facebook user.