Researchers in Mexico Design a 'Nose-only' Mask to Protect While Eating, Talking

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Researchers in Mexico have made a nose-only Covid-19 mask, which they say reduces the risk of infection of coronavirus during eating and talking. The people behind this nose-only mask say taking off the face mask to eat or drink leaves one exposed to the virus. While this nose-only mask still provides some sort of protection. According to Johns Hopkins University in the USA, cells that give people a sense of smell are a key entry point for coronavirus, making nose coverings like these important. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends people wear a face mask that covers the nose, mouth, and chin.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studies have shown that more mask material is generally better than less. A CDC study has shown that double-masking can significantly decrease the spread of the coronavirus. In the US, roughly 30 million people have contracted the virus, and 544,000 people have died from it, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Meanwhile, Indiana's governor has announced he would lift the statewide mask mandate and remaining COVID-19 business restrictions in two weeks. Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb said in a speech from his Statehouse office that the state's steep declines in coronavirus hospitalization and deaths rates along with the growing number of people fully vaccinated justify the steps starting April 6.

Holcomb said he hoped the state was seeing the "tail end of this pandemic" that has killed nearly 13,000 people in the state over the past year. The date for ending the mask mandate was picked to coincide with the ending of the NCAA men's basketball tournament now being held in Indianapolis and to allow more time for people with at-risk health conditions to get vaccine shots, Holcomb said.

Local officials would still have the authority to impose tougher restrictions in response to COVID-19 cases in their communities and face mask use would still be required in K-12 schools for rest of this school year, Holcomb said. He urged residents to continue wearing masks in public and that bars and restaurants continue to space out their tables.

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