This rescued owl was unable to fly: For a weighty reason

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Owing to her story and weight, the sanctuary nick named her as Plump!

A bird organisation in Britain was taken by surprise when it learnt the reason why the owl rescued by them was unable to fly. After members of Suffolk Owl Sanctuary in the United Kingdom spotted the owl in a ditch, all drenched in rain, they assumed it was injured. A thorough examination revealed the owl was "extremely obese"

"Upon weighing her, she was a rather chunky 245g (which is roughly a third heaver than a large healthy female little owl) and she was unable to fly effectively due to the fatty deposits around her body," the sanctuary wrote in a statement on their website, sharing a picture of the bird on a weighing scale.

It's extremely unusual for wild birds to get into this condition naturally, it added. Calling it an "an unusual case of natural obesity", the organisation discovered she has been feasting on mice at the area she was rescued from .

"After further investigation, we also found that the area where she was rescued was crawling with field mice and voles due to the warm and wet winter we experienced in December," the sanctuary wrote explaining her unusual weight gain.

Many on social media said they could relate to the bird and added the owl gained a "little Christmas weight".

Thanks to the staff at the owl sanctuary, the 'fat owl' made a full recovery after being put on a 'strict diet'.

"Here she is upon release, flying gracefully off into the British countryside at a much healthier, and happier weight," the centre wrote while posting the video on their social media handles.

The organisation shared a video of the owl being released back into the nature.