I request Nitish Kumar to bring back children from Kota, Pune amid lockdown: Sanjay Paswan

Bihar Legislative Council Member, Sanjay Paswan requested Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to bring back children from Kota and Pune amid lockdown. He said, "It is Chief Minister's duty to bring back our children. It's also causing us political loss. He should bring all children before May 03. Election is going to be held this year. Almost all middle class families have at least 1 child studying in Kota. Number of children may only be 1000 but 1 Lakh families are affected due to it, they have sympathy for these children. If 1 Lakh families have 5 voters each, 5 Lakh votes will be affected. So, I request the Chief Minister to bring back our children from Kota and Pune."