Republicans now back GOP lawmaker despite despicable 'God intended rape remarks'


Washington, Oct 26 (ANI): After initially maintaining a distance from Richard Mourdock the lawmaker, who sparked off controversy by saying that pregnancies produced by rape are intended by God, some Republicans have now expressed their support for the Indiana Senate candidate.

Top among the Republicans to support Mourdock was Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

"We're at the end of an election season here, and I understand each side is looking to make hay out of every comment, but sharing the view of millions of Americans that life begins at conception is Richard's deeply held personal belief that shouldn't be misconstrued by partisans to imply something it does not," McConnell said in a statement printed in Kentucky's Courier-Journal.

According to Huff Post, more startling than McConnell's support was Senator John McCain's announcement.

The Arizona Republican, who had withdrawn his backing of Mourdock on Wednesday, backtracked on Thursday in a statement from his office that said McCain was satisfied with the Mourdock's 'apology.'

"Senator McCain is glad that Mr. Mourdock apologized to the people of Indiana and clarified his previous statement," said McCain spokesman Brian Rogers.

According to the report, Republican senator Marco Rubio also supported Mourdock, saying that a rape ending in a pregnancy was "horrifying" and that Mourdock's comments were a reminder to talk about such issues more carefully.

"I think the candidate, Treasurer Mourdock, was right to apologize to anyone who was offended, and I think he was right [on] where he stood on it. It's unfortunate it happened," he added. (ANI)