Republic Day Riots: Gurudwara body awards Jugraj Singh's kin for hoisting Kesari flag at Red Fort

News coming in regarding Republic day riots, gurudwara body has now awarded Jugrat Singh's family One lakh rupees for hoisting Kesari flag at Red Fort. Remember, Jugrat Singh had climbed up the flag post and hoisting the Kesari flag at Red Fort after he removed Tricolor. Kesari flag was hoisted during the Republic Day rampage which was following the tractor rally that was organized by farmer protestor. Jugrat Singh has already been booked and an investigation is underway. This program was organized by Shiromani SGPG. The member of SGPG, Manjit Singh has gone to Tarn Taran where Jugrat Singh belongs and there he had donated this amount to his family. Watch the video to know more!

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