Reporter Makes Epic Entrance in Single Shot on Portuguese TV

In Aveiro, Portugal, RTP reporter Bento Rodrigues pulled off an epic opening to a segment using drones, some well-placed cameras, and no teleprompter. The segment was meant to boost tourism in Aveiro, and it might actually work. Not because anything Rodrigues did in the video looks particularly exciting, but because Rodrigues pulled off the whole segment in one continuous shot it has caused the video to go viral and made people aware of a city that they may not have known even existed.

Photo: RTP

Rodrigues began the segment standing on a boat in a canal with a wide shot that quickly went really wide with a drone shot. The boat pulled over, and Rodrigues got on dry land, where a bike was waiting for him. He rode the bike a short distance before getting off, stopped to point out some of the local cuisine, then went up some steps and stopped behind his anchor desk. And remember, he did all this while continuously reporting, seemingly without a hitch.

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